Heyyo :) Beaming in Alaska.

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Heyyo :) Beaming in Alaska. Empty Heyyo :) Beaming in Alaska.

Post  h u r r i c a n e. on Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:07 pm

My name is Alaska and I am British. (Think that is a pretty awesome introduction xD) I live in Britain and have done so pretty much my whole life. When it comes to age, I'm at an age where my Mum would kill me if I told you...
When it comes to me there are pretty much five things that sum up my life; books, writing, music, food and brickbreaker.
I may not own a blackberry but my friends really need to change their passwords.
Books I love and I read more in one week than all my friends do, put together, in a month. Fact. Some of my favourite books are; Harry Potter, The Book Thief, Looking for Alaska, The Fault in Our Stars, The Shadow of the Wind. If you haven't read them I recommend them. A lot.
I write everyday and am currently several chapters into a book I plan to publish when it is finished. This one I am determined to complete. You can read some of my writing in the link in my signature.
I adore music and have recently found some new artists who I love. Here are some of my favourite artists/bands; Alex Day, Chameleon Circuit, Linkin Park, VersaEmerge, Lights, Carrie Fletcher, 30 Seconds to Mars, Bon Iver, All Time Low, First Aid Kit.
Food...I may be picky and only eat very few foods but I love me some chocolate. And food is pretty self explanatory; you would die without it, afterall.
Brickbreaker. I seem to be addicted to it. That along with templerun. Sadly I do not own a phone that has either of those games. My friends iPhones' and Blackberrys' will suffice until I get my own blackberry. Hopefully, soon.
I'm a pretty awesome person and am sarcastic, funny and stuff but can also be serious and seriously quite depressing at times. I like to be philosophical too (don't ask.)
I helped make this site, along with lost, and stuff so that is why I am one of your Rulers. Hopefully this site will become pretty popular but now I'm running out of things to say;

So, yes, Bye!

Heyyo :) Beaming in Alaska. Tumblr_m3umvhnyqz1r9zpt5o1_500_large
get me out of here.
h u r r i c a n e.
h u r r i c a n e.

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